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How it started

Thank for taking the time to visit our site and learn about The Candle Corner.  My name is Kora and I was blessed with an opportunity to continue my now friends Jennifer and Paul's legacy. I'm a southern California native and have lived in Santa Clarita for years. After having a love for candles and learning about making them, Me and my family are extremely excited to continue the candle making experience. We have so much gratitude for all of the love and support that we have received.

Our mission for the Candle corner is to bring a memorable experience, that brings joy to every customer. Through our candle making experience our customers will find peace and harmony which will make the world a happier place one candle at a time.

I hope to encourage, inspire everyone that comes in our door. We can't wait to meet you! 

Love Kora 

 Fun Facts

We started with 38 single-note scents. As we've grown, so have your choices. You choose the jar for your candle and up to three fragrances to blend. We help you throughout the entire experience whether it's your first visit or have returned to seek refining your technique. 

 Candle Corner ensures a captivating experience. 

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