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Candle Making Experience by appointment Only. Please email us at

Please email us to schedule your candle making experience.

These are the time slots available, plan to be with us for

2 hours

Tuesday 11:00am 2:00pm 5:00pm 

Wednesday 11:00am 2:00pm 5:00pm

Thursday 11:00am 2:00pm 5:00pm

Friday 11:00am 2:00pm 5:00pm

Saturday 11:00am 2:00pm 5:00pm 8:00pm

        We can't wait for you to visit our store!

Please allow us 24 hours to reply to your email.

For last minute reservations please feel free to send us a text message at (818)570-2486

Book an appointment outside of public hours for private events.


The candles that get made need a minimum of 48hrs to cure before being lit. Otherwise, there is a risk of the flame tunneling straight down the center where the wax was still soft, but the candles will be ready for travel away from our shop by the 3rd hour after creation.

Rock Texture
Scented Candles
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